Sunday, July 27, 2008

robert, AGAIN

yesterday was rob's last day at work. we had a nice lunch for him, a bunch of people showed up to say bye, and fuck you at the same time, apparently.

The best part about rob, is that he's leaving his stuff behind. i got this! player..
So, i saw batman tonight. A very satisfying movie experience. don't need to say much more than that, you already know. I had intentions to do lots of productive things today, but my body still needed rest and i slept away a lot of the day.. Jen had organized a get together before the movie and people hung out afterwards, but i was still too sicky to be able to go out and enjoy that, which was a bummer.. But rob and I had a nice dinner and tea instead. I gotta find someone else cool to hang out with. bah. I think that's all the writing i'm gonna do for tonight. such a skimpy post. oh well.

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