Monday, December 1, 2008

Too much wine

I forgot to point out my second favorite moment at Toast- We got to witness a Winery shuttle bus speed ahead and crash into a sign post on the same block we were walking on. The driver jumped out of the bus and sprinted down the street like Forrest Gump. Turns out it was some drunkard who'd hijacked the bus and attempted to drive it, but decided after the crash that running to the next vinyard might get him there faster. hillarious! yet, i wouldn't have found it funny if that signpost hacked into me and cleaved me in two, which could have happened.

Don't Drink and drive! Don't drink and steal and drive other people's vehicles! Don't drink and get on your bike and ride into traffic!

Let's talk about wine

So, to catch up on previous events. Nov 16th I went to "Toast Martinborough"! It's a wine tasting event held in Martinborough vineyards, nearly two hrs drive away. I didn't know too much about the event before buying tickets, but it was highly recommended that I not miss it. I sniped some tickets once they went on sale, and they had promtly sold out within about 10 minutes. I must say this heightened my expectations of this event. Anyhow Joe and Pelle and I went by shuttle, driving away from Wellington's overcast sky, to find it clear, warm, and sunny in Martinborough. Wonderful! It's similar to driving out of SF and going up to Napa. Except on this particular day, there were droves and droves of girls in sundresses. Good thing I too was wearing a sun dress. You could tell that everyone was very thankful to get some sun, for once. It felt like I was at a country club, except everyone eventually got drunk and it was something like a frat party. My favorite part was at one winery, where we were allowed in to the aisles of grape vines! We had met up with the rest of the crew and relaxed in our very own aisle on a picnic blanket. It was so laid back, so warm, so..winey....... I coulda stayed there all day. But of course we had to check out all the other wineries. The next place we went to, and yes, i forget the names of these wineries but you won't care, anyway the next place had a cover band playing. Imagine a bunch of 40-somethings drunkenly dancing around to weezer. It was quite amusing. We picked out our favorites among the crowd- mine was the hussie in the black and gold metallic tiger striped dress, complete with a tiger face on her tummy, and black hooker boots. Can you say Cougar? i donno, but i just typed it. Anywhoo, it was fun, and a great chance to get out of the daily city life. Though, I won't be trying to go to this event next year- i didn't know that the wine tasting prices weren't included in the price of the event ticket!!!!!!!! (Pictures thanks to the talented James Ogle)

What is your favorite wine? I know what wine I like least- I think it's called Port. I don't like my wine too thick and desserty. Check out my lack of wine describing skills there. Awesome.