Saturday, August 16, 2008


Last friday was Wiki's birthday. It was the first time I got to hang out with my group of girlfriends in a non-work function. Wiki wanted people to dress up in prom theme, and well, I didn't bring my collection of prom/horrible 80s dresses with me... so I did my best to glam up with what I had. Turns out nobody dressed up in prom attire anyway, unless their proms look very different from ours! We went to this place called Duke Carvell's Swan Lane Emporium. It was run by Wiki's boyfriend I think. It had a pretty cool interior design going on, and a nice laid back, posh if you wanna, sneakers & hoodie if you wanna, sort of vibe. I love places like that. I felt a tad awkward at first, since I didn't know anybody. But it got better as the night went on, and of course a little bit of alcohol helped smooth the transition. By the end of the night I had had some decent conversations and got to know the girls a little better, and I even got hugs and kisses on the way out, which made me feel warm and fuzzy :) I'm doing ok here on my own, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing my friendships develop.

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