Monday, July 22, 2013

Tauriel, Weta Collectible

Hello! I finally get to share my sculpture of The Hobbit's Tauriel, now that she's been revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2013!  I was working at Weta Workshop in 2011 and begged to get to sculpt pretty much the only female collectible among all those smelly dwarves!  It was a lot of hard work for me and a long process, being my first experience making a 1/6 scale figurine. I learned so much from everybody at the shop, and was well directed along the way.  I used Green Hard Chavant NSP.  The tree was sculpted by Steven Saunders, and the weapons were made by Leonard Ellis.  I still haven't seen her fully painted, I only got to see the beginning stages as Dordi Moen was painting her. The final product looks so lovely and amazing.  

Nerdy points of fun- Evangeline Lilly kindly sitting for me and letting me take photos to get her likeness (I hope you approve Miss Evangeline!), and getting to play with Tauriel's beautiful Bow and arrows!

Photos were taken from The,,, and some were found on tumblr. Also thanks to personal friends who went out and snapped pics for me too!

Loki at Comic Con

"Say my name!! SAY MY -?!"  Loki at comic con made all the panties drop O_O

Like everybody crying on the internet, I too wish I was there.