Wednesday, September 12, 2012

F*kin six years ago...

Found a reeeeally old sketchbook from pre-blog days. 2006...!  I was enjoying toned paper, with pops of white and red prismacolor pencils, watercolor, copic markers.  Was using hi-tec Cs quite a bit too.  I need to draw and experiment a lot more.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Multi Color Pen

Life drawing with 4 color ballpoint pen. I think this'll be my thing for a while

Kung Fu Jas posing infront of the Lantau Buddha, Hong Kong

Katrinity in front of Lantau Buddha, Hong Kong

Paul breakin @ the Buddha

Lindsey waiting with me to get the best spot at Beirut's stage


Also practiced by drawing stuff in my tumblr feed.

Josh Beech

Tanya Dziahileva


Did a lot of sketching over vacation, targeted some friends via their facebook photos.  Thought I might turn them into christmas cards, but well, sorry guys, nobody got christmas cards....