Sunday, July 20, 2008

welling-ton, well-ing-ton

ok ok ok pictures first. I know nobody reads this shit anyway. These were taken with Rob's phat canon camera. It's heavy, and it's pretty hot. Almost makes me want to pick up photography as a hobby.. but i have a few other things i should be spending time on. Rob took the pic of the Asuka and Rei figurines on my desk. What a sweet camera. I took the pics of Rob, Adam and James. We were at Rob's house having a laptop party, while watching knocked up and superbad. Good times. James Willingturkey, you have some crazy fucking stories, bruu. You're heaps lucky.

So... for most of my time here, i've been just.. working, and dealing with settling into my new apartment here in Wellington. Haven't explored anything outside of the route between home and work. Haven't done much in the way of nightlife.
I saw Kung Fu Panda with a bunch of guys at work a few weeks ago. We got tickets in the theater's "Gold Lounge", which is a vip area that has plush recliner seats and service to your table. You can schedule to have beers brought to you during the film. I had an ice cream sunday delivered. fucking awesome. Costed quite a bit, but it was a fun experience. After the movie, I got a taste of what it's like on a friday night here. The streets were kinda busy, the crowd felt very young, and we watched a troupe of 16 year old girls dancing to Michael Jackson hits for a while. Very spirited. After that, we went to a bar called... who knows what, i dont know anything here... It was pretty cool tho. The bartenders wore vests and ties and stuff and it looked very classy, even tho the place itself was pretty chill. Got to see a bunch of new coworkers drunk for the first time. I myself didn't have much more than a beer. Pacin myself..
Last night was my first clubbing experience. It was a going away thing for a girl at work, at a club that had just opened this week. I was doin housey things all day and took my sweet time, and rolled out of the house at close to 1am. The streets were paaacked tight with pretty much everyone under 3o in one district. There aren't many places for Wellingtonians to go, apparently. Just 2 streets. Courtenay, and Cuba. Courtenay is more..Ruby Skye/Market. Cuba is more..Zeitgeist. Also, the drinking age here is 18 i think. So many young kids, most of them drunk off their asses. Most girls wearing mini skirts, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, in fucking winter. Most boys sporting euro-trash-mullets. The sidewalks were so packed that it made me walk on the roads sometimes. Anyway i made my way over to the club they were at for the girl's going away. Place called Temperance. There was a line outside the place, just like there was a line outside every other place. The bouncer stood in front of people just a few places ahead of me and said we all had to move on, the club is too full and they're not letting anyone else in. Everyone around me left, but i just kinda stayed there and looked busy on my mobile while i texted my friend Adam who was inside, asking him to come pull me in. There was already another line forming in the other direction. Fuck getting in back of that line, i stayed put in front. Adam came down and asked the bouncers to let me, his "girlfriend" in. It took about 5-10 minutes of waiting and light pleading, and finally one of the bouncers was like, can we just let the guy's girlfriend in?! And they let me in and i left all those fuckers chill out in that line outside. Adam gets an award for his acting skillz. So anyway. Crazy line, crazy cut off.. High expectations for this place. 3 stories, VIP levels up top etc. So i come in, it's sorta bright in here, for a club... get in to the bar/dancefloor.. doesn't get any dimmer. Odd. OK ok ok, so here's the scene. It's SORTA like Ruby Skye kind of feel, except hardly dim, kids are like, 18, they're projecting Rugby matches on the wall, and get this, the DJ's spinning Fucking SPICE girls.. not even one of their "good" songs. Next comes that mamma mia pop song.. whatever, those are my two examples of what the music was like at this club. I needed a drink pretty bad, was not drunk enough for this and was not really intending on getting that drunk. I did dance a bit. It was fun to chill out with some work people and see them cut loose a bit. All tho most people including myself didn't really know what do do with what the dj was spinning. The people i met up with had already been there for a few hrs, so thankfully I didn't have to stay very long by the time they were ready to leave that joint.

Adam and I tried to meet up with some friends at some house party, but nobody was answering their phones. We were so hungry that we snacked on some Burger King.. everyone else had the same idea.. I'd never seen a burger king that crowded. Seriously, it was like everyone planned on meeting up at BK after prom. It smelled kind of like vomit in there. Then we got a hold of Dan from work, and we met up and went to a bar/joint called The San Francisco Bathhouse. Cooool, huh? It sort of did feel like san francisco in there. This place was definitely dark, thank god. The crowd was less meat-market asshole. the DJ was still stuck a few decades back, but at least it was the fun punk/pop stuff. We danced our asses off for a while. It felt pretty good. Well, my feet did not feel good at all afterwards. I was wearing some heeled boots. I'm wearing fucking sneakers next time. Tho they had warned me i had to dress sorta nice for the first club so i tried that. I probably won't be trying to get into clubs that you need to dress nice for anymore. That shit was fucking weak.

My feet still hurt. I brought my TV home today, with Robert's help. He's been so awesome, helping me move and all sorts of stuff. It's pretty shitty that he's leaving just as I got here, cause I think he woulda ended up one of the people I hung out with a lot..But He's got a better life waiting for him in Cali. Dude I'm so jealous. I miss california. I miss san francisco. I miss internet without bandwidth limits. I miss netflix delivery. I miss amazon delivery for that matter. I miss shopping in 2008 instead of 1989, not that SF wasn't in an 80's kick as well.. but yeah. I miss japan town, and chocolate mushroom cookies. Bah, oh well, enough complaining for now.

There's lots of cool stuff about wellington.. but I don't know about it yet cause i've just been building furniture and shuffling it around and seeing what arrangement i feel like..

ok brain is tired. will rant again another time.


italianBikesFTW said...

we miss you too...

Luke Goodman said...

miss you yas...nice photos....