Sunday, August 24, 2008

kitty? :(

I had a dream last night that I found a kitten in my apartment.. it was a teeny tiny orange stripped kitten the size of a mouse, just wandering around the carpet in my living room. I picked it up and it was no bigger than my hand, and it was fluffy and plump. I was soo happy! Some "friend", who would now be unwelcome in my home, told me i should get rid of it cause i'm not allowed to have pets in my apartment complex. I whispered to mini kitty that he would stay with me and no one would ever know. I just had a building inspection two days ago and the manager wouldn't be by again anytime soon!
and then i woke up :(
Since I cannot take images from my brain and show them to you, I give you: vampire kitties.

In other news. friday we saw Tropic Thunder, which was pretty funny, and went out for drinks afterwards. Last night was Arnie night at Matt's, we had pizza and beer and watched ten minutes of the best parts of Arnold's first movie "Hercules in New York" and then "Commando", pure gold. It makes me really want a projector & theater setup like Matt has, and it also makes me miss Arnocorps pretty badly. In Commando, Arnold had the black camo paint streaked across his a goddamn hero.

Prepare for audio assault by The Greatest Band of All Time.


Ross said...

Where's my blog update?!?! I leave for a month thinking there'll be tons-o-posts...but, no. Didn't Luke aka "DT" warn you? I'm like, cracking the whip *crack!*

Luke Goodman said...

Yeah, Seriously Yas....we want updates.