Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I had a lot of fun this year for Halloween. My friend Jasmine and I went as Circus Twins (the party theme was "Carnival of Horrors").  The design was highly inspired by one of my favorite artists, Michael Hussar.  I have always loved his painting "Morphine", it is so haunting and beautiful, I really enjoyed doing a sort of cosplay on it.  And luckily for us, Gino Acevedo was willing to do our makeup!! He's incredibly generous and kind, people were stopping by during the 4 hours we were at his studio (well, he had to paint us both!) to pick up some Halloween help from the special effects master!  Thank you thank you thank you Gino, it came out exactly as we had dreamed- cute and creepy as hell at the same time!  Thanks Joey for putting the contacts directly in our eyeballs!  Thanks Jasmine, it was sooo fun making the costumes with you! Less fun- scrubbing all the makeup off!!

And here's the inspiration from Michael Hussar - Morphine, Daddy's Girl:


SHOo said...

You two ladies looked absolutely absolutely incredible! The photos blew me away! Jealous much and very inspired indeed! You two little cuties rock!

Luke Goodman said...

Wow! You two look awesome!