Monday, September 20, 2010

Studies - Aoi Miyazaki, Rinko Kikuchi, and Jose Renteria

I decided to do a few asian girl studies, since I realize I actually haven't done that too often.

Here's a simple sketch of Aoi Miyazaki, a Japanese actress who plays one of two girls named Nana in a show called..well "Nana".  I haven't really seen any of this show, but Nana was based on a manga by Ai Yazawa, the creator of one of my favorite manga - Paradise Kiss, about students of a fashion school!
Miyazaki Aoi

Here is a sketch of Rinko Kikuchi. I was watching Babel recently, and I had also seen The Brothers Bloom, and well, I really like her look! I'd like to do more studies of her, and better capture her unique mouth.
Kikuchi Rinko

And here's an extra I did the other night, not an asian girl, but a doodle of a girl who has shared her fashion sense with the internets.  I'll dedicate it to Jose Renteria, because his inspiration is my inspiration sometimes.
Not-a-hipster girl


Le Tang said...

Beautiful work! I love the subtle expressions in the top one.

Giuseppe Bianco said...

They are all great. The second one is my favorite.

Salah Khudari said...

wow keep pumping them out!! beautiful drawings:)<3

kalonji said...

simply beautifull bravo !!

Sam Rowan said...

yas, in the words of milt kahl " you can draw your ass "
sweet shiza!