Friday, November 8, 2013

Not Dead, Just Tumblin!

Hey guys, I post to Tumblr these days, and have been neglecting to do double posts to blogger.  I find the Blogger editor to be sort of cumbersome, and I like Tumblr's easy sense of connectivity.  I just might quit Blogger altogether... though of course some people have a blog and a tumblr and a deviant art and a twitter and god knows what else.  Maybe someday I'll be good about reaching multiple platforms but for now, I'm going to be Tumblring.

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L Rossi said...

Loving those turn-a-rounds!
*sniff to departure...... just do a big post every once in a while, ey? For me ;)

Robbin said...


David Meng said...

You're too talented. Cut it out!