Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dredd 3D

I really liked Dredd 3D! Such a fun ride all the way through. Here's Judge Anderson and her Superior, Chief Judge. I'll have to do another with Anderson being more badass.


lunarbovine said...

I also dug that movie - the slo-mo sequences were really neat.

Love these drawings more, though. :) I really like seeing the construction lines - and you drew a ton of character into their faces without using a lot of line-work. Nice.

The triangle shadows - cool trick. :) I might steal that one!

executeyk said...

Thank you :-) I'm not sure why I didn't get on the blue pencil bandwagon sooner, so useful! You can work it all out then be selective with the final lines. Go ahead with the hollow shadows, im sure I stole it from someone else!