Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charlotte In Translation

Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola is my favorite movie.  So so difficult to choose a "favorite" because I love so so many movies.  But not only is this a thoughtful, bittersweet, funny, amazing movie, with an incredible soundtrack.. It's also a beautiful tribute to perhaps my favorite place on earth- Tokyo.  I'm currently living here in Tokyo, just for a short time.. But I'm hoping to absorb the place in my memories, in a way I think Sofia's movie somehow captures.

Here are some sketches of the character Charlotte, played of course by Scarlett Johansson.  It's really difficult for me, but I'm trying to simplify my drawing towards what might be used in animation. I think I still have to push further, but I enjoy these studies at least.  I'll keep trying though.


lunarbovine said...

Solid! Really love the big one - you got the eyes exactly right, and the choices you made simplifying her hair were bang on.

executeyk said...

Thanks, im trying to take cues from other artists who think of hair in chunks instead of in strands as I normally do. Need to develop the practice further though, I look forward to seeing hair styles as dimensional blocks of shape that can be consistently turned around in space :-) for example I think Matt Rhodes does it well. He does a lot well O_O