Sunday, January 15, 2012

Multi Color Pen

Life drawing with 4 color ballpoint pen. I think this'll be my thing for a while

Kung Fu Jas posing infront of the Lantau Buddha, Hong Kong

Katrinity in front of Lantau Buddha, Hong Kong

Paul breakin @ the Buddha

Lindsey waiting with me to get the best spot at Beirut's stage


Sam Rowan said...

you draw nice :)


executeyk said...

High Fives, Sam! First non-"Anonymous"-spam-email in ages!

L ROSSI said...

Great studies - the first one in particular is awesome.... and the ballpoint is a cool touch!

Elida - juegos de barbie said...

is fashion!

lunarbovine said...

Great flow on these - really like the kung-fu kick. I don't know how you're getting those cheap and cheesy 4-colour pens to produce such classy results. :)