Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cghub challenge sketch

This was for cgHub's Character Forge activity 2.5 
Basically it's a weekly challenge to draw characters/illustrations based on descriptions from an ongoing story.   I got on board too late to finalize my image in time for the deadline, but I'm going to submit it anyhow, and finish it in my own time this week, just for kicks.

"At the center is a small fountain of light. It is there that the crew members are thrown before a young woman garbed in bright fabrics and studded with small gems. She bears resemblance to an exotic bird of prey and her gaze suggests that the crew members are to be judged by her...harshly."

That is the given description. My drawing doesn't veer too far from the expected "sand princess", as the location is described as a desert. And while borrowing elements we've all seen before, I hope I mashed them together somewhat interestingly enough.  I've got my own little story behind the design choices, but I hope to make it more clear by the time I've finished it.

And um, let's just consider the blue color, and "all seeing eye" symbol temporary placeholder for now..


emmillius said...


Giuseppe Bianco said...

This is beautiful. Great drawing.

lunarbovine said...

And you kick ass at drapery.