Monday, July 20, 2009

NZ Film fest - Ponyo and Thirst

I had a fun and very full weekend. Spending so much time out is sort of new for me, usually I am out only once or twice a week. But now that I am alone at home, I decided I must keep occupied, for my sanity, and I booked up my schedule, with something going on each night. The New Zealand Film Festival is helping a great deal, with a movie I'm excited about showing every other night this week.

Before all that though, on Saturday I went out with friends to see Slava's Snowshow. It is a clown performance from Russia, that I had heard was wonderful. It was indeed, especially the audience interaction parts. At some points, I wasn't sure what exactly everyone was clapping about.....but.. yeah I'm glad I went. Afterwards we all got Kaffe Eis, stracciatella in a cone, yum! Then we came back to my place to watch Old Boy, in preparation for Sunday's screening of Park Chan Wook's "Thirst". Damn what a good movie that is. I'm so so so glad that the idea of a Western Remake, with Will Smith, and (fucking) tacos instead of dumplings. How horrible would that have been?!!?!?!?!?

Sunday I had 2 screenings. We saw Ponyo early in the afternoon. I had already seen it a couple times from download....... But seeing it in the theater made a big difference, with the full quality and more correct translations. This time I was incredibly touched, and teared up with joy and awe of cuteness throughout the whole thing. It was cool too to hear the whole audience laugh at sweet moments that I hadn't thought to laugh at while watching by myself at home. We all left the theater beaming, hearts warmed and full of happiness!

And, on top of that, the SUN was shining brightly! Which is rare for Wellington's winter. We went on a mission to buy sunglasses. I ended up buying an expensive sweater................ But, i did get 2 pairs of fun sunglasses for 5 bucks each :) I'll look at it which ever way i need to justify it to myself... We came back to my place again, Lindsay and I did our nalies like girlies, and Derrick and Jance played Wii, although we all desperately needed a nap. Dinner at Lone Star with "semi" mexican quesadillas. And on to Thirst. What do I say about Thirst? It was............ strange, cool, gorey, crazy... I walked out of the theater not even knowing how I felt about it. To my right, Jalil loved it and thought it was awesome. To my left, Flo and Christine hated it and nearly walked out before it was over. I must be somewhere in the middle. I think I want to like it, and see merit in its potential greatness. There were really badass moments and interesting characters...... But this might be one of those that I need to watch a 2nd time to allow it to sink in and process correctly. You'll have to see it for yourself.

It was a lovely weekend and now i need to rest.

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