Monday, December 1, 2008

Too much wine

I forgot to point out my second favorite moment at Toast- We got to witness a Winery shuttle bus speed ahead and crash into a sign post on the same block we were walking on. The driver jumped out of the bus and sprinted down the street like Forrest Gump. Turns out it was some drunkard who'd hijacked the bus and attempted to drive it, but decided after the crash that running to the next vinyard might get him there faster. hillarious! yet, i wouldn't have found it funny if that signpost hacked into me and cleaved me in two, which could have happened.

Don't Drink and drive! Don't drink and steal and drive other people's vehicles! Don't drink and get on your bike and ride into traffic!

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Ross said...

"Don't drink and get on your bike and ride into traffic!"

It's ok, readers, do it. Sometimes, whilst doing so in downtown Burlingame your friends transform into human training wheels.