Saturday, May 3, 2008

more sketches

here are more sketches exploring that animal girl theme. i'm leaning more towards the first image of this post, not so much the 3rd but i experimented. i've always liked the idea of (a character) wearing a skull as a helmet of sorts... i know wendling did this in iguana bay and im pretty sure that inspiration is direct. i fucking love claire wendling and im done being conscious of whether i'm copying or not. this is what i like! so there! check her out.


panos said...

hey draw very good,your animal girl theme reminded me of simon bisley's full circle comic book,if you don't know it check it out..keep up the good work,check out my works if you have the time..

Luke Goodman said...

I Love your work Yas, keep with it, even when work keeps you busy.