Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday, I had a picnic with Makiko and Kaori. Makiko and I had made bento foods, and we brought it up to eat on top of the hill nearby. It was such a gorgeous sunny day, and the view from atop the hill was lovely. I hadn't been up there before. We had a nice conversation, and we were able to have it partly in japanese :)

I made onigiri for the first time. I made chicken adobo to put inside. It worked out pretty well, because of course you need rice with your adobo anyway! I managed to wake up nice and early to prepare these 6 for us. I made furikake rice for half of it, just for presentation. I really enjoyed making these onigiri, and I hope to make proper bento in the future. Especially CUTE bento. but i will need to go shopping for cute bento boxes, charaben rice molds, cute picks, sauce holders etc etc. endless possibilities with kawaii bento! :)

lots of information about bento, and of course recipes!

bento accesories!!! I want it all!

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